• Avocado

    Grab our avocado honey while you can, as it is seasonal. Its luscious richness and tantalizing after-taste will keep you coming back for more.
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    Baby Bear

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    Order our baby bears with your choice of honey for your next special occasion and customize the label to your liking! Try to be a little sensitive and don't separate one baby bear from another. So go ahead, order enough to keep him company!
  • Black Gold

    Black Gold has that comforting flavor you get when you devour that bar of dark chocolate or when you go a little crazy with the bag of nuts. Precisely because it has a slightly chocolate/nutty flavor. It is our "house blend" consisting of our Wildflower honey and our caramelized Wildflower honey. Good for: chocolate milk, pancakes, and zucchini loaf
  • Buckwheat Honey

    Close your eyes and taste our Buckwheat honey. You may feel like you are tasting molasses but it is in fact honey. The darker the honey, the less sweet it will taste and the higher the antioxidant level will be. Our Buckwheat honey will leave a nice bottom note on your palate. This is not for the faint of heart. Good for: baking, stirred in warm milk, and sore throats
  • Cactus

  • Clover

    If you're looking for a clean, sweet addition, look no further. Our clover is the lightest honey we carry. The lighter the honey, the sweeter it is to taste. So grab a bottle or two. Good with: waffles, tea, and granola
  • Also known as "whipped" or "spun" honey, our creamed honey is just the same but better. We derive our silky, fine texture without any heavy machinery to keep the integrity of our clover honey in tact. Our creamed clover honey is excellent as a spread or by the spoonful.
  • Eucalyptus

    Our Eucalyptus honey is one of a kind. Coming from the sweet nectar of the Eucalyptus blossoms, our Eucalyptus honey has a unique flavor profile. It is sweet when it first reaches the tongue and has a bite to it after it is consumed. Our Eucalyptus varietal is seasonal, so claim them while you can! Good for: sore throat and (with) warm milk
  • Gift Jars

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    Honey Comb

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    Nature's candy
  • Our honey comb is the perfect addition to your honey addiction. It is a great addition to your next snack. Toast a nice slice of bread, smear some brie cheese on top, and slab on a chunk of our honey comb. The heat emitted from the toasted bread will slightly melt the comb, leaving you yearning for "seconds" and "thirds". Tip: Hide this jar by your bed, so you don't have to share it. Sometimes we need to be selfish.
  • Orange Blossom

    Our Orange Blossom has a sweet hint of a floral aroma that will take your senses on an adventure. From the moment you have a taste of this velvety and luscious honey to the day you complete your bottle of Orange Blossom, you will be tasting this aromatic honey. Good for: tea, biscuits, croissants, and glazing salmon