Royal Jelly is the gelatinous substance that is secreted from the head glands of the worker bees. It is the ONLY form of sustenance for the queen bee. While all other bees eat honey throughout their lifespan, the queen bee is the only one worth enough to eat royal jelly for the duration of her life. If you are a human being, you need not be a queen in order to eat Royal Jelly. Humans use this magical jelly either topically or orally. Consuming royal jelly has benefits in boosting immunity while applying it to the skin has benefits in increasing collagen, alleviating scars and blemishes. Next time you get a cut or scrape, apply some of the antibacterial goodness of Royal Jelly.

At this time, due to refrigeration requirement, we are only able to sell this product at the farmers' markets.

*Suggested dosage is 1/16 to 1/8 of a teaspoon

**Keep Royal Jelly refrigerated